Almost everyone wants the same thing – they want to be healthy –  to feel good – to feel vibrant and to live their best life. 

Our treatment Pillars:

1.  Having excess weight is not your fault

At no point in time do we teach or preach anything that remotely resembles the idea that patients with obesity are lacking in things like morality or willpower or personal responsibility.  Although it takes a lot of mindset work to dig our way out of the disease of obesity, the idea that people developed the disease because they lack some strength of character or other such nonsense is exactly that – nonsense. 

2. Treating the cardiometabolic dysfunction comes first 

Counting calories or counting macros hasn’t gotten us anywhere.  Treating the disease of obesity using math is as silly as treating it with motivational speaking.  For many people, making this shift away from calorie counting creates discomfort – and sometimes, even disbelief. What we teach is based on science – and we have all sorts of data to back it up. And thankfully, we love talking about it – so anyone that wants to dive into the science will have a heyday with our platform.

3. The execution is hard

No matter how well we explain the process, actually changing habits and routines and putting that knowledge into action is difficult.  In short: understanding is pretty easy.  Doing it is harder.  Because of this, most of the information is geared toward helping with the execution part. 


STEP 1: You can ignore us completely – nobody will be the wiser. Your employer isn’t secretly checking up on your progress, we promise! That would be illegal on their end and completely unethical on ours! If you aren’t interested in what we have to say, you probably aren’t reading this anyway, but in case you are and you don’t have any excess weight or health problems and aren’t worried about someday developing health problems, please move on to something more engaging. 

STEP 2: You can play around on this platform anonymously. Once you are in, go into the “profile” section and change your name to your favorite fictional character or superhero, and poof – you are anonymous. Complete your disguise by uploading a picture of your dog or your favorite coffee cup and dive in.

STEP 3: You can show up on the platform using your real name and picture, thereby creating some self-accountability to others that are on the same path.  It definitely takes more guts to do it this way, but it also opens up doors to support others that may need more help than you do. Together we are stronger.

STEP 4: While you are doing step 2 or step 3, you can also choose to make an appointment with one of your on-site/near-site healthcare team members and add on the medical portion of this – which can take treating excess weight to a whole new level.  Remember when we mentioned the execution part being the hard part?  As part of this program, your employer has chosen to cover the anti-obesity medications under your health plan (which is fantastic, trust me!). Having access to these medications can often be a game-changer for people trying to lose excess weight and improve their health.  Many of the AOMs are designed to help with the execution part.  Your clinicians can also do invaluable things – like check your labs, review your health history and figure out which anti-obesity medications you might be a candidate for and whether or not they will help you the way that you need them to.  Fantastic, right?  Layers and layers of support.